Cold Rooms

Leaders and pioneers in Refrigeration Industries, using puff panels we create prefabricated cold rooms assembled at sites; consisting of refrigeration units designed to suit Indian environmental conditions.

Cold Room/Freezing Room is available in standard models, of varied sizes & for specific temp. requirement with Temp range -+4° C to -40° C. Standard models are also available with 2° C to 4° C temp conditions. Each panel section is incorporated with high quality materials. Doors are attached with magnetic gasket and heater to provide lower temperatures below Zero. A digital temperature indicator is fixed to monitor the temp conditions. The refrigeration unit is designed in split type to avoid hot air draft lower level and to meet with Indian ambient conditions.

We are manufacturers and suppliers of Cold Rooms as per our customers' requirements. F-maxx facilitates cold room for Dairy, Sea Food Industry, Hotels & Restaurants, convenience storage facilities, Hospitals, Floriculture & Horticulture segments.

Salient Features:
  • High Efficiency Compressor
  • High Efficiency Condencer
  • Inbuilt Control Panel
  • Product Cooler
  • Thermostatic Exp. Valve
  • Automatic Control of Temperature
Cold Rooms for Hotels

F-maxx manufactures and serves Restaurants with Cold Rooms. Fluctuating frictions faced by hotels and restaurants are heavy usage and frequent opening and closing of Cold Rooms. We design a special cold room for hotels with circuits that maintains low temperatures even in such conditions.

The handle, door and hinges of hotel cold rooms are constructed using qualitative raw material ensuring durability in both open and close situations. The kick plates, view ports and the auto-door close mechanisms maintain the food quality by preserving the food from contamination.

Cold Room for Perishable Products

Convenient storing is made easy with our installations for fruits, vegetables or any other perishable food that requires to be stored. It can also be used to store other perishable products such as milk and milk products. These Cold Rooms by F-maxx in super markets are launched in varied sizes and technical specifications to suit a variety of requirements from the clients. Apart from these the Cold Rooms manufactured by F-maxx can also be used in industries catering wine, seeds, eggs, cut flowers, spices, Pack Houses and perishable cargo complexes.

Cold Room for Pharma Products

We also supply Cold Rooms for hospitals and laboratories that has extensive requirement for research and storing purposes. Such as blood sample, diagnostic kits, life-saving drugs and serum samples.

Cold Room for Dairy Products

On maintaining accurate temperatures the diary and ice-cream sector completely relies on cold rooms. Having in mind the daily necessities of Dairy Products, we design cold rooms with multiple units that ensure uniformity in the level of temperature. Apart from that, we also fabricate cold rooms for ice-cream factories that pull down core temperatures quickly to enable hardening of ice-cream. The cold rooms for dairy and ice cream sectors are also used for storage at distribution points that are uniquely designed to maintain low temperatures, consuming low power.

Cold Rooms for Horticulture & Floriculture

Cold Rooms are designed with definite temperature and humidity levels that maintains freshness of products in Horticulture & Floriculture industries. High humidity evaporators play a major role in most of these cold rooms. These cold rooms are designed to direct the airflow low as well as away from the product hence, avoiding turbulence. When flowers are stored, the airflow is kept under control so that the flower petals are not affected.

Cold Rooms for Sea food

Yet another industry that extensively requires Cold Room storage and preservation is the Sea food industry. Our Cold Rooms for Sea Food storage is manufactured with conformation to the norms of marine product exports. There is a variation in the cooling requirements of sea food as the products are stored at different stages of production. Fresh catch is stored in chill rooms which pulls down the temperature quickly, while processed food requires cold storage maintenance and conditioning.

More Than 1000 Installations In
12 Years

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