Cold storage unit incorporates refrigeration system that maintains desired room environment for the commodities to be stored. We offer wide range of adept cold rooms that intend to preserve freshness in food and also meets storage facilities, using modern technology, arising in the food processing enterprises. We procure our spectrum of cold storage crafted at par with global quality standards. We are your one stop frozen goods solution shop!

F-maxx provides a controlled, right temperature and atmosphere preferably for semi-perishable and non-perishable items. Hence, maximising the shelf life of the products. Further, these cold rooms are designed and developed as per the international standards, and are highly effective in preserving the nutritional value of fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, milk and milk products and other processed food products. Special attention is shed on the manner in which different foods stored, depending on the type, size and storage space. Our cold rooms are highly suitable for agriculture sector, horticulture and floriculture units. They are equipped with aesthetic, efficient and heavy-duty flush-fit doors with FRP door perimeter. Each part of the cold room consists of special panels designed for this purpose to ensure perfect fit.

The cold rooms are designed to monitor airflow speed in accordance with the product and directed away from the produce, so that turbulence is avoided while maintaining desired conditions. These serve as an ideal choice for storage of fruits and vegetables and keep them fresh for a longer period of time. We understand the critical need of the dairy and Ice-cream sectors hence, we offer our clientèle with suitable Cold Rooms. These specially designed cold rooms are highly reliable in maintaining correct temperature of storing ice creams and quickly pull down core ice-cream temperatures to enable ice-cream hardening. These are so well designed that they efficiently maintain low temperatures even while consuming low power. Our cold rooms are highly demanded in various ice cream factories and restaurants.

Our range of cold storage also tends to the requirements of Green Peas. These cold storage services prevent green peas from drying or getting rotten and also the spread of odour from one food to another. Consequently, supplying fresh Green Peas not just in winter but in all seasons of the year. These systems are properly pressure tested and vacuum tested for safety. They also help in retaining the quality of the product in every aspect be it in look, feel, touch, taste or chemical composition. Our technologically dexterous professionals are well aware of the prevailing industry trends and assure effective installation and thereby functioning of these cold storage rooms.

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