Cold Storage

Cold storage unit incorporates reffrigeration system that maintains desired room environment for the commodities to be stored.

Cold Room

Leaders and pioneers in Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, using puff panels we create prefabricated cold rooms assembled at sites;

Blast Freezer

F-Maxx is a forerunner in the production and supply of quality range of Blast Freezers and also one of the market leader for higher range of Freon based Blast Freezers.


High humidity levels are also maintained inside the chambers to retain the freshness of fruits and vegetables and also to avoid weight loss.


F-maxx offers a wide range of tremendous quality Deep Freezer and Stainless Steel Chest Freezers at an affordable market price to our most trusted customers.

Insulated panels & doors

To cater different applications in the industry, F-maxx Doors and Panels are designed and assembled to exact specifications for both high and low temperature environments.


F-Maxx Systems is a leading manufacturer of a large array of products that includes Industrial Chiller,Cold Storage,Ripening Chamber,Air Conditioning and Various Industrial Refrigeration,Evaporating Unit,Frozen foods Cold Storage,Deep Freezer,Puff Panel, Puff Door.

Although our products are available in standard sizes, they can be customized to meet our customer's specific requirements. The entire products range is supplied at competitive prices and possesses. These are customized as per the specifications of our clients to meet industries standards.We have branches in Tamil nadu,Kerala,Karnataka,Andra pradesh and all over south indian cities.In south india we have the service network and panel,cold room,industrial chiller,chamber,manufacturing unit in tamilnadu.


  • Suguna Chicken
  • Aavin Milk
  • Micro Lab
  • Chamundi Foods
  • Aishwarya Eggs
  • Malanadu Milk
  • Annai Chicken
  • Pavithra Poultry
  • Amritha Milk

More Than 1000 Installations In
12 Years

"We were looking for a Cold Storage unit for our Milk products, luckily we heard about F-maxx..." Aavin Milk – Ravikumar
"F-maxx did a great job in assembling a perfect Cold Storage for our eggs. We need not worry about..." Aishwarya Eggs – Saravanakumar G.M
"On looking for a Cold Storage unit to preserve our poultry fresh. We came across F-maxx..." Suguna Chicken – Madhapan chetty
"To keep our microbes alive, we require a quality Cold Storage unit and it is best met by F-maxx..." Micro Lab Dharmasivam
"Our confectionery tastes healthy when stored in a proper Cold Storage unit. Our biscuits and cakes ..." Chamundi Foods
"With the service provided by F-maxx, we serve safe and pure milk, fresh from nature..." Malanadu Milk – John
"May it be fertilizing eggs or preserving our poultry in any form, We Trust F-maxx. Their extended service ..." Annai Chicken
"To maintain our meet in desired temperature, F-maxx assembled wonderful Cold Storage units for our products..." Pavithra Poultry
"We supply products made of pure cow milk which contains high nutritive value, calcium and essential nutrients..." Amritha Milk
"The Cold Storage supplied by F-maxx for our Food Grains and Pulses storage is excellent and has ..." Lakshmi Narasimha
"A Modular Cold Chamber was supplied by F-maxx to our Department of Nano Science & Technology..." TNAU